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LPG GAS Cylinder

An LPG cylinder, also known as a liquefied petroleum gas cylinder,. LPG is commonly used as a fuel for cooking, 

Here are some key features and information about LPG cylinders:
LPG is derived from natural gas processing and petroleum refining. It is produced by separating hydrocarbon gases from crude oil or natural gas and then refining them to remove impurities. The resulting gas is compressed and stored under pressure to keep it in a liquid state.
It's worth noting that regulations and practices regarding LPG cylinders may vary from country and safety recommendations provided by the local authorities and gas suppliers in your specific region.

The Domestic LPG cylinder price in Gujarat (Gandhinagar) stands at Rs. 1,110.50.

Overall, LPG is a versatile and widely used energy source for residential, industrial applications and commercial

What is the price of gas in Gujarat?

LPG Cylinder Rate today | Domestic LPG Gas Price

19 Kg Commercial Cylinder rate is ₹ 2133.0, 5 Kg 
domestic Cylinder rate is ₹ 407.5 without subsidy, 47 Kg 
LPG Gas cylinder Rate is ₹ 5329.0 per 
Cylinder and Non domestic 5 Kg 
LPG cylinder Costs ₹ 564.0

Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG

LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas. One of the main advantages of LPG is its portability  It is a flammable hydrocarbon gas that is although the exact composition may vary depending on the specific application and regional standards. commonly used as a fuel for heating, cooking, and powering vehicles. LPG is composed primarily of propane and butane, 

LPG cylinder

1. Sizes: LPG cylinders come in various sizes, ranging from small portable cylinders used for camping or outdoor activities to larger cylinders used for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. Common sizes include 5 kg, 12 kg, and 14.2 kg for domestic use.
2. Color-coded: LPG cylinders are often color-coded for easy identification. In many countries, the body of the cylinder is painted in specific colors to indicate the type of gas and its intended use. For example, in India, the body of an LPG cylinder is typically painted red.
3. Valve and Regulator: LPG cylinders have a valve that connects to a regulator. The regulator controls the flow of gas from the cylinder to the appliance, ensuring a safe and controlled supply of LPG.
4. Gas level indicators, and tamper-proof seals. It is important to handle LPG cylinders with care, store them in well-ventilated areas, and follow safety guidelines provided by the gas supplier.
5. Refilling and Exchange: LPG cylinders can be refilled or exchanged at authorized LPG distributors or gas stations. Safety: LPG cylinders are designed with safety features to prevent leaks pressure relief valves When a cylinder is empty or nearing empty, it can be returned in exchange for a filled cylinder, or the empty cylinder can be refilled by connecting it to a bulk LPG supply.

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